People like to suggest that the difference between voting Republican vs Democrat is merely a matter of opinion. In some ways this is true. There are godless people who vote Republican and there are Godless people who vote Democrat. One side votes for lower tax policy and the other side votes for the right for women to choose. But that’s too simplistic. It goes to deeper levels. One side believes in the power of the individual and one sides believes in the power of the state. One side is pro-business and one side is pro-organized labor. These all center on issues. Many of those on the Republican side are of the opinion that government shouldn’t rob people through excessive taxation and the other side is of the opinion that the rich should be heavily taxed and that the money from the top be redistributed to the people at the bottom of the rungs of society. Many on one side of the political spectrum vehemently believe that abortion is among the greatest of crimes ever committed by society and many on the other side see the aborting of babies as no more significant than the morning trip to the bathroom.

In both parties there are godless. But why do the devout and god-fearing flock mostly to the Republican Party? I’ll tell you exactly why. God-fearing answer to God first and any encroachment of man into the liberties which are given to each man by God are to be opposed. This opposition is expressed at the voting booth. In the world, there isn’t just Republican and Democrat. In the world there is Communist, Socialist, Democratic Socialist, and others forms of government which allow or acknowledge man’s freedoms to varying degrees. In America, the Democratic Party has turned and is more properly called the Progressive Movement/Party. It is Socialism and seeks to empower the state. With the state “empowered”, the individual must be allowed less power. And the less power of the individual affects speech, property, and religious liberty. The godless in our society that are pushing Transgenderism and Gay Rights and Social Engineering in all government organizations including the Public School System and the Military are populating the Democratic or Progressive Party. These agendas are pushing against Christians and the Church. Why else is the Lesbian Mayor of Houston subpoenaing preachers’ sermons? (Yes, after the firestorm of criticism, her lawyers amended the subpoena, but that misses the point) Why are children being taught there is no God but that Evolution theory is fact and that we came from animals through purely naturalistic mechanisms of “selection” and “genetic mutation”? Why is because there is a godless, even an anti-God, element in one party in particular. For fun, just watch the difficulty the Democrats have at their Presidential Convention when deciding if there should be any mention of God. We are still “One Nation Under God”, aren’t we? Not for most Democrat Progressives, and it’s apparent.
Why the encroachment from one side on the religious liberty is because it’s spiritual warfare in the making. And when you vote, you are voting for one side or the other. I’m not trying to say that politician on the right of the political spectrum is god-fearing, but that we god-fearing on the political right ARE able to shape their policies if we remain a voice of righteousness.

What’s the one issue that is more important than the rest? I’ll let you decide but it’s not taxation. Jesus said we are going to be taxed and we ought to pay our taxes. The Bible doesn’t say, “Thou shalt not tax or thou shalt not fund public schools”, but the Bible does say, “Thou shalt not murder”. And IF that’s a human being in the womb that’s being dismembered as it’s sucked from the womb, then only one party is guilty of sanctioning millions of murders. Humbly yours, Dan

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