I like the words of Job who said, “I have made a covenant with my eyes; How then could I gaze at a virgin?” Job 31:1. That was an admirable quality of Job.

I was talking to a man in the local jail last week who is highly religious, of the Catholic persuasion, is in prison for possession of child porn, who fairly boldly said that though he is married, does flirt with women. He assured me that the flirting was not going further than that. But I wanted to remind him of righteous Job who made a covenant with his eyes. This man couldn’t claim to be Job. Coincidentally, he said he was spending a lot of time studying Job!

An old Top Gun quote was, “You are writing a check your body can’t cash.” I think it meant you are promising what you can’t back up. Different topic from the movie, but here it might mean it’s foolish to be flirting with a woman knowing full well that you are a step closer to doing what you know you shouldn’t do. Flirting with a woman is saying, “Hey baby, how about some of this?” Or something like that.

When Jesus said not to look upon a woman to lust after her, isn’t that what flirting is? Seriously, what is flirting? I think of it as dangerous teasing with someone else to carry the relationship to a point of intimacy. And maybe you would if the circumstances suddenly offered the opportunity. Isn’t that what David was doing when he looked down to Bathsheba who was bathing? If he hadn’t been looking, the adultery wouldn’t have happened.

What business do Christian men have in watching Miss America? It’s not because they are so talented or witty. That’s why the hope for “world peace” is quickly followed up with the bathing suit competition. I remember years ago teaching a Bible class and the subject came up. This one man with great boldness said he watches the women in bathing suits and that it’s perfectly normal because God made them beautiful to be looked at. I wanted to call him a “carnal heathen” and move on from the discussion but I was too nice.

A look leads to a thought, and a thought leads to a flirt, and a flirt leads to words, and words lead to a wink, and a wink leads to a plan, and the plan leads to disaster. I know God does not want us flirting with someone but our wives and husbands. And justifying it just makes you are carnal heathen. There, I said it.

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