EVOLUTION IS ANTI-GOD (no matter what the Pope says)

Christians, do we care that our own children are being indoctrinated every day in public schools, in TV ads and animated shows, that God didn’t create but instead they evolved from nothing? Do we think there’s no destructive end for our children when we allow their little minds to be filled with belief systems that are antithetical? The world cannot be round and square at the same time. The mind won’t both to be accepted. Good and Evil cannot be equally embraced. The mind won’t allow acceptance of both. Evolution is a belief system that is diametrically opposed to the Christian faith. Contrary to what the godless of the world assert, there’s no science to support the spontaneous generation of life. There’s not science to support the trans species evolution.

I have two books on my shelf. One is a book on beginner’s Greek. The other book covers intermediate level Greek. The books are different. One book contains more information than the other. There are similarities between the two but they are also very different. It takes intellectual thought to develop both books. And the “evolution” from one book to the more complex book cannot happen by accidental processes no matter how many eons of time are granted it. The development of a book takes thought. Thought precedes the making of anything. This includes the making of a book or the making of a living organism. When evolution that one species evolved to another species, evolution is asking for something greater than the miracles of 6 days of creation or the resurrection of Christ from the dead. Evolution needs a infinite number of miracles to occur with each of its evolutionary steps. For each new species is a new book written in the DNA of the organism. So the Pope claims evolution is consistent with Christianity? What a delusion is being sold to our children!

Christian parents, for reasons that can’t hardly be explained, are allowing the godless belief system to be implanted into their children’s minds. A good friend who teaches Sunday School shared the following with insight: “[Y]esterday, in a Sunday school class I was teaching, in the Lord’s church, 11 out of 11 four and five-year olds responded in unison with a loud and boisterous, “NOooo!”, when I asked if humans and dinosaurs ever lived together. This was after weeks and weeks of instruction on the days of creation and a specific set of instruction that dinosaurs are animals. Then I asked that question. The parents believe in evolution and put them in public schools, this is not just in the Catholic church.” This is real world, folks. The local congregation may not be pushing evolution, but it is silent on the topic. And the kids are being indoctrinated outside of the church. I fear the inevitable clash of systems when the children can’t connect the dots and make their belief in God to mesh with their beliefs about so-called Science.

What should Christian parents do? Be warned and equip your children. Yes, some people decide the best option is to home educate their children. Others choose a private school. And others don’t have the money, or ability, or maybe they just don’t think the school system is bad enough for taking such a drastic step, but these still parents must address the lies their children are being told. It’s OK for parents to tell their publicly educated children that teachers don’t always get it right. When it comes to the hot topics of our day like marriage, the definition of family, the acceptance of transgenders, and evolution, Christian parents MUST sit their children down and lovingly teach their children what God says.

And I say this in love. Dan Mayfield

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