What inspires you? What keeps you moving? What makes you jump into action? What keeps you faithful? What stirs your spirit? What makes you break your silence? What causes you to take a stand, even alone? Are you more likely to come to church if there’s going to be food afterward? Are you less likely to come to worship if coinciding with it is a family gathering over food? Are you less likely to speak up and boldly defend God’s truth if it means confronting a friend? Are you more likely to boldly tell the speak up and defend the truth if it’s someone you don’t particularly like? What is it that trips your trigger, as the saying goes? Is it righteousness, for the sake of righteousness, that you act on the basis of principle regardless the costs? Or is it just personal and based on whether or not it directly affect you? Are we really looking long-term, heavenward, or are we Christians who are just another iteration of worldly? Humbly I offer these questions. – Dan

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