The atheist has his religion and he takes every opportunity to confess it, sacrifice to it, and to tell everyone about its precepts. There are many who are found to be sinners by the atheists practicing and proclaiming their faith. It is an old religion they practice.

The COEXIST guy in his car with butterfly stickers and political stickers are his attempt to evangelize and push his religion. And not a few people in the world are made to understand their sins by the COEXIST guy. I want to ask one of these guys sometimes, if I can get them to pull their Subaru over, just what is the Pentagram symbol doing there and how do you “coexist” with Satanism?

Along this line, I was talking to a very nice man the other day who had spent many years in the California sun before moving back to his Minnesota home and family -and so he talks with this gnarly, surf boarder inflection. He’s a guy who sees God as being so loving that He could never send anyone to hell. This California dude, who I enjoy speaking to, is evangelizing his religion to me. Oh, and he criticizes his mother and others for a sinful judgment of gays and Muslims. Being so closed-minded is a sin in his religion. Of this type of religious guy, the saying fits that the only sin is the sin of intolerance. Well that’s not entirely true that this is the only sin he sees because he shared how he just hates the long drive to work because he is worried about the “carbon footprint” he’s laying down. He’s heard and accepted the Gospel of saving Mother Earth. He’s doing wrong, according to his religion, and he knows it. I don’t know how he’s going to find forgiveness.

When talking to gnarly dude, I told him the words of Christ that anyone who doesn’t believe in Him and tries to be saved through some other name, will die in their sins. I quoted John 8:24; 14:6; and Acts 4:12 and he just looked at me like he didn’t know what to say. At that moment there was a friendly collision of religions. I said to him that I believe Jesus is the Son of God who is risen from the grave and that Jesus’ words carve out a very specific and exclusive path to eternal life.

Everyone is religious. The people in Athens were religious but Paul quickly let them know that most religions were wrong. “I see that you are religious in every respect”, he said to them, and then he then went on to tell them to repent and follow Jesus Christ because God has fixed a day He will judge the world in righteousness.

Let me say a final word about the word “religion”. When the new age, ‘christian’, religious guys sells his religion by promising it is not a religion, but is instead a relationship, please understand that he is a charlatan. Until he can prove to you that James 1:26,27 is void, I recommend that you strive to be part of the “pure and undefiled religion” of Jesus Christ. I humbly offer this for your consideration. – Dan

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