UNITY IN MARRIAGE, by Dan Mayfield

“Be diligent to preserve the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace”, said Paul, Eph. 4:3. This is true for the church, but it is imperative for the home. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”, Mk 3:25. Divided homes will not stand. And divided homes cannot possibly imprint the right message on children.

A child in a united home will see peace without conflict in the most important areas of faith and values. A divided home will send a different message to the children. Children in a divided home look at daddy saying one thing and they look at mommy saying the opposite. What is the child to do? The child must choose sides OR the child must say Truth is relevant and both “truths” are acceptable. This is the implicit message the parents have sent to the child. 

So parents, work out your divisions. Become united. If you are right in the Truth, then do not sleep or rest until the differences have been worked out. The souls of children are in the balance. The church needs unity in the home because the church is the home magnified. Divided homes make for divided churches and they simply will not stand.

This is God’s wisdom and I pray you will see it. If you have a divided home, make uniting it your priority. Speak the truth in love. Sincerely yours.

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