And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.” – Mt 19:9

Jesus’ words on marriage were so hard and challenging that the disciples concluded “it’s better not to marry” (Mt 19:10). Jesus didn’t say, “No, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, people can just promise they won’t do it again and they’ll be fine.” No, instead Jesus said, “Some people made themselves Eunuchs, people who would not have sex again, i.e. no marriage, that they might enter the kingdom.” (Mt 19:12). There are few people who teach this. Not because it’s not Jesus’ words, but because it’s so very hard. The consequence is that serious.

Think about how hard it was for John the Baptism to tell a married couple, Herod and Herodias, that it was unlawful for them to be married. Don’t lose sight of that fact. John said they could not be married. There are many churches and many preachers who haven’t got the courage to show people what John the Baptist told Herod. It got John beheaded. If baptism would have made the marriage holy, John was the baptizer and could have just told them not to do it again, but John didn’t do that. John told the soldiers and tax collectors and Herod, as well as other sinners, to bring fruits of repentance by putting away their sins IF they wished to be baptized and receive forgiveness.

Unless you divorced an unfaithful spouse, you may not remarry. And if you should remarry, then you are living in sin.

Please don’t react to the truth of these words. Pray instead. Know that they are true and so seek God’s clear path for how you should walk. I say this with a heavy heart and with the deepest respect for all. Sincerely, Dan

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