When a Scribe said he would follow Jesus anywhere, Jesus replied, “The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere * to lay His head.” Lk 8:20. First, I can’t read those words without crying. I love Jesus and can’t take away what he went though. But also it makes me think about what I would say? Would I think, “Oh, well that stinks. Let me think about it. I’ll get back with you when you are back this way.”? This truth is, we are living with way too much and most of us would turn away rather than make the sacrifice Jesus called for.

Go without a pillow and sleep where the lost souls are. Go hungry from being too busy with the Lord’s work to stop and take a bite. Let go of the friends and family that are a continual hindrance to your walk in the light. Give up the politics and world interests that are killing your soul from the eternal things of God.

Jesus died on a cross and then said “follow Me.” Does Jesus look over His shoulder and see you walking close in His steps? I pray He sees me. I’ll die to self. I’ll sacrifice my time. I’ll serve. I’ll give rather than receive. Walking with Christ is not always the easy path; it’s sometimes hard, but it is the way of peace, joy, and an eternal hope laid up for those who do.

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