Doing and Being are important distinctions to God. By doing sin we fall into the judgment of God. But our Being, as in what we are when we come into this world, is as pure and innocent as Adam and Even when God made them. They were “very good” and a child is “very good”.

God made us good. No one is born sinful or depraved by inheriting the parents’ sins. We are born pure.

But Luther, the Pope, the Southern Baptism, and entire populations of religious people believe just the opposite that man is born in a fallen state and in need of God’s “prevenient” grace until Catholic and Lutheran babies get “baptized” or until little Baptist children can sing “Jesus loves me”.

One place these people turn to to justify their position it Ephesians 2:3 that says, “were by nature children of wrath“. Well, that settles it, right? Not quite.

A read Ephesians 2:1-3 shows that this “children of wrath” state or condition didn’t happen by conception or birth but by practicing sin. It’s not logical that Paul is talking to Gentiles about the way they used to live and then say they lived that way because they were born that way! That’s not logical and it’s not what Paul is saying.

The “nature”, as in “were by nature”, is a nature that’s developed and not the “fallen nature” that the Catholics, Lutherans and Baptist have adopted. Why would they accept such a devilish view of a child, fallen and corrupted by no doing of their own, when Ezekiel 18 says that a son does not bear the iniquity of the father?

Sin is not inherited. A “fallen nature” is not inherited. A “fallen nature” is what each and every one of us develop by practicing sin. “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Why is that passage so hard to understand? When we sin like Adam, then we fall, Rom 5:12. We aren’t conceived or born already fallen.

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