in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men” – Mt 15:9

When we stand before God there won’t be the sensual dancing. When we stand before God there won’t be the laughing and lightness. When we stand in the presence of God, there won’t be entertainment. When we stand before God, it will be with reverent awe. When we stand before God, it will be in trembling and fear. Look at all the instances of Daniel, John, Isaiah, and other greats who saw the glory of God! They shook and trembled and fell on their faces. Today, the false religions have taken up the name of Christ but they have corrupted the message. The false religions today have remade Christ into their image. So many churches have lost the sense of holiness. They have no fear and trembling of God, Heb. 12:28,29. They are as superficial as the Pharisees and Priests who gloried in outward pomp but have no reverence for God. They don’t reverence God’s word because they speak presumptuously and say they can do whatever they want “because God didn’t say I couldn’t.” And with their foolish justification to stroke their own fleshly senses, they lead many astray.

So many churches have preachers who won’t preach the truth because it wouldn’t be popular. God is going to judge them. They won’t speak about sin and demand repentance because talking about love and feeling good appeals to more people. But in the presence of God, they will be called to account for their false and superficial preaching. They will account for how they have corrupted the worship of God. The dress is the best. The smoothness of speech is the best. The furniture and windows are the best. The music is the best. But it is all selected not for pleasing God, but for pleasing the eyes and ears of men. These are judged. In the presence of God, only then, will they know how they should have revered God.

O Lord, prepare me for that day. I don’t want to have any blindness in me. I want to know your will. I want from my soul to approach you with reverence. I don’t want to be the fool who rushes foolishly into your presence, making foolish vows in your presence. I come silently and wait for you because I revere you, O God! As we all will bow before you some day in reverence, so should we all bow in reverence today.

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