Paul said, “making the most of your time, because the days are evil.” Eph 5:16.

Picture all the days and all of the time in the day already being sold to evil. “The days are evil” pretty much explains the day in our time. Unless we do something different, the clock will tick away today for only evil.

Paul says we can do something about all the lost and evil time. We can “redeem” it. With faith and choice, we can seize the day. We can snatch it away from the evil and put that time to use for God.

Go and seize this day for Christ. Redeem back the lost and wasted time. Don’t allow the minutes to be frittered away. But truly make the most of today. Let God be glorified in it.

Read the Bible and meditate on God’s word. Pray and draw near to God. Do good and don’t grow weary doing so. Open your mouth for Jesus. Redeem the time in such ways because otherwise, it’s just another evil day.

I say this in love. Dan Mayfield

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