Grace and works are are often taught as being in opposition to other. They are not.

Now let everyone understand that works of the flesh and the works that spring from Grace are in opposition to the other. The first kind is preached against in Romans 4. The second is preached for in James 2.

Paul says we must engage in good works and that for this we were created. So works in general cannot be in opposition to salvation by grace.

There are some “faith only” people who will be compelled to give their amen to this, but then they qualify by suggesting that the works will follow salvation. They qualify their amen because they continue to think that grace and salvation don’t require obedience. Thus they contradict themselves without knowing it. Their position can’t be true for belief without the obedience is faith incomplete, and is dead being by itself., James 2.

Here is what God knows. He knows if you are doing the works of the flesh in order to earn salvation, and He knows if you are doing the works of faith trusting not in the works, but in Him that justifies.

As our love springs from learning of God’s love (see 1 Jn 4, we love because He first loved its), just so do our works of faith spring from learning of His amazing grace.

Saving faith is obedient faith. Romans 1:5; 16:26; 1 Thess 1:3 (look these up and learn for yourself) as well as many other text of the bible shows that repentance to God means turning and a changed life. If there is no turn and change, there is no faith recorded by God.

Grace and works of faith are completely compatible in God’s plan of redemption.

Said on love, Dan Mayfield

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