As they had their pasture, they became satisfied,

          And being satisfied, their heart became proud;

          Therefore they forgot Me. – Hosea 13:6

In satisfaction came pride. There is a great deal of spiritual danger for the man who reaches the satisfied place in his life. He can begin to think more of himself and less of God. Proverbs says ‘give me neither poverty nor riches “That I not be full and deny You and say, “Who is the LORD?” Pro. 30:9.  In Israel the Lord took the people from slavery and nothingness to be great. But with the greatness came pride. And pride forgets everything but the proud one. Pride credits man and not God. And the forgetting doesn’t take long to set in and perpetuate itself.

When God blesses you, stay close to Him and praise Him every day for everything you have. And don’t just give lipservice to Him. Show it. Give and serve make your life a living sacrifice to Him who has blessed you. Anything short of this will lead a man to ruin.

Bless you. Dan

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