There are many so-called Christians who are tired of church. And it shows. They are tired of worshiping God. They are tired of assembling with Believers. They are just too tired. And tired, they sleep. They sleep in. They sleep late. They sleep and are in danger of being asleep when God returns. When Christians become disengaged from the church, they are tired of the church. When Christians don’t serve and love their Brothers and Sisters, they are tired of Jesus’ people. Why would people ever be so tired of God’s church and His people?

upon this rock I will build My church” Mt 16:18

Jesus built a church. He built a single church. And because He built that single church, it is His. Jesus has a church which He is the head of. In Colossians 1 and in Ephesians 1, the church is called the body of Christ. And that one body is comprised of many members, each being a Christian who has an important role in His church. I tell you right now if you are tired of Jesus’ church and if you are tired of the members of His one church, you have a spiritual problem that has nothing to do with that church. When a person is tired of Jesus, He may sleep right up to the coming of Christ.

I write so that you will know how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth.” 1 Tim 3:15.

When a person is tired of the church, he has lost his spiritual understanding for what the church is. The church is the manifold wisdom of God, Eph 3:10. A tired man, who is too tired to be an active, working member of the the body of Christ, does not appreciate the divine wisdom God put in His church.

Friend, what place does the church of Christ have in your life? Do you remember or do you forget that Jesus bought the church with His blood, Acts 20:28. Did you ever purchase something that costs you everything you had? Did you ever purchase a thing that cost you your blood? No you haven’t, but Jesus did. Jesus loved the church and gave Himself up for the church. He did it so that souls could be holy to God and saved. So how is it that the church has so little to do with your life? Do you have to be begged and pleaded with to be with the church? Do you struggle with the flesh, and does the flesh win, when you know right now that there’s an assembly of Christians who are praying and singing together? Do you choose to catch an extra hour of sleep when you know that preacher is going to be delivering the a message from the Word of God? That preacher labored for hours and hours in the Word of God that He might minister to your souls, and you were too tired to come and hear?

Now while the bridegroom was delaying, they all got drowsy and began to sleep.” Mt 25:5.

Jesus said those five virgins were foolish. They weren’t diligent. They grew tired of waiting for the bridegroom. And when the Lord returns there are going to be a lot of tired people who have no oil in their lamps. It breaks my heart to know that I know people who are these foolish virgins. They aren’t on fire for Jesus. They struggle to just get by. They give as little as possible. They give little time and they give little money. They have no fire in their lamps and they have no passion in their hearts. They are weak Christians who are tired of the church. It breaks my heart to see it happen.

Will you wake up and confess to Jesus that you have been negligent? Will you tell Jesus that you have spent all of your energy on yourself? Will you repent to Him because you haven’t been willing to be spent for His cause until your tired body is laid in the ground. If you are going to be tired, it had better because you gave all of yourself to the work of Christ. Work your hands to the bone for Jesus. Lose sleep and be tired because you were working and tilling your way through the pages of the Bible. On judgment day God is going to ask how you could have been so tired because you spent all of your energies on yourself.

Wake up and shine and get to work for Jesus Christ. Don’t ever let the words slip from your mouth that you are tired of the church. Don’t let it ever come from your mouth that you were just too tired to be with the church.

God bless you. I say this with love in my heart. Dan Mayfield

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