There is something about the name Jesus. And not just the name, but there is something about the life of Jesus that lends a people to follow Him.

Now men follow all sorts of men, but Jesus claims to be a special kind of man who is God in the flesh. He claims to be God. So when follow Jesus, it requires a new level of convincing evidence that compels men to follow Him.

Since there is an Almighty God who is able and sovereign to communicate His will to man, and since by that will man will be judged for eternity, then that perfect will of the Almighty God must be something that is obvious and can be found.

If God were so hard to find so as to make it impossible for any man to find Him, it would be unreasonable to judge him by that sovereign will.

Paul addresses this issue in Romans and in his speech at Athens.

The God who is visible in the creation is intrinsically linked to Jesus Christ. Spiritual truth always has correlating spiritual realities. God is seen in the Creation. And working backwards, to recognize the spiritual reality will lead to the spiritual ideal. Paul says that the Bible is “spiritual thoughts” from God’s mind combined with “spiritual words” which you can read. The ideal is like the real. God’s mind and the Bible are sympatico. They share that same tune or wavelength without any contradiction which you would expect. The spirit truth is sympatico to the manifestation of it in the man Jesus Christ.

The words of Christ are going to judge men on Judgment Day, Jn 12:48. His words reveal the character, the wisdom, and the glory of Almighty God Himself. Jesus and God are sympatico. To see one is to immediately understand the other. And Jesus said this very thing. To Philip, Jesus said, “He who has seen Me has seen the Father; how can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?” Jn 14:9. There are aspects of Jesus life and words that show Him and His Gospel to be superior to anything else man could believe in this life. Jesus’ teaching and way of life is superior to anything else in this life. And the soul that is specially made to perceive spiritual realities knows it. And the souls knows it so well that to turn away from is unforgivable.

Jesus says He is the Son of God. “18 For this reason therefore the Jews were seeking all the more to kill Him, because He not only was breaking the Sabbath, but also was calling God His own Father, making Himself equal with God.” Jn 5:18.

Now this is a remarkable thing that God’s Son would be walking amongst us. If we must believe that Jesus is God’s Son, it’s because we understand the quality of His works and teaching makes that claim believable and true. The claim rings true so that we don’t pick up stones to kill Him, but instead we rightly bow to Him and give our lives to Him.

So why don’t men “find” the truth? They don’t see it; rather, it’s won’t see it. Conflicting with what they see about God and about the Gospel of Christ is what they want in the next immediate moment. Competing with God is the flesh. Men can see God, but they blind themselves from it to justify the pursuit of adultery, drinking, precious things. Their minds become clouded by a self-imposed darkening. Their perceptions have been twisted. The senses of balance and justice and right are intentionally thrown off to appease an immediate gratification. Yes, men do this to themselves and they will answer to God for it. What that do to keep from following the obvious Lord is of eternal significance.

Turn today to the truth of Jesus. When you find Jesus, you have found your God. When you follow Jesus, you are going the right way. He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the Life.” Jn 14:6. When you follow Jesus, you have found the very meaning of your life.

Humbly yours, Dan Mayfield

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