“The God that many people speak of, think of, and sing of today is a God who has become less interesting than television, whose commands are less authoritative than our appetites, whose judgments are no more inspiring than the evening news, and whose truth is less compelling than the advertiser’s sweet fog of flattery and lies. It is one of the distinguishing marks of our time that God, at least as many people think of Him, has become weightless. He rest so inconsequentially upon the world as scarcely to be noticed.” – God in the Wasteland, David Wells

For most men, God is not revered so that God is shaping the man. Instead, man is shaping God.

When man’s view of Yahweh isn’t skewed by his own desires and prideful notions, God and His will is the first thought of the day. God’s will weighs on every decision. God’s work is the motive behind every other work of our hand. And wherever we are going will always be along the path of the walk to heaven.

Ask yourself, “What is God’s will for me today?” Is your view of God as it is for the angels who who cover their eyes in the presence of God and sing, “Holy, Holy, Holy”? Is God’s holiness governing our thoughts to be holy too? Is God not looking through our eyes and hearing through our ears? Does God not see and hear and know all that we are doing? Certainly He does! Today God wants you and me to be holy. Remember that the God of love is also holy and nothing that is unholy shall come into His presence.

The time is near for the faith of men to be tested. The weak and inconsequential God who is in the mind of most men will not sustain you when the evil day comes. It’s time to go back to Yahweh. We yearn in our souls for the Holy God. But once we find Him, we must follow Him on His terms.

Search His Word and be taught by Him. Pray earnestly and be watchful with an attitude of thanks. Get to work as salt and light so that you become a proper reflection of God’s glory. Time is of essence and this admonition is for you.

Humbly I offer this. Dan Mayfield

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