The following is my thoughts on the immorality of big government spending what it does not have with the full knowledge that our children and grandchildren have to pay it back. And how they will pay it back is the way all things are paid is through labor: more labor for less return which is close to slave labor.

If children are allowed to be born in our godless world, they will be born inheriting a debt they did not ask for. The government spends money it does not have. It approves the printing of money that is loaned to banks and is supplying dollars to the markets. The New York Stock Exchange reacts negatively any given day when they hear the Feds will tighten up the lending and they Exchange reacts positively at the prospect of more cheap dollars from the Feds. The net effect is cheap money for the big Wall Street people but the effect is also devalued dollars in your pocket and massive amounts of debt.

You have heard that the United States has 20 Trillion dollars of debt. That has doubled in 10 years. Debt is owed by someone but this present generation will not pay it. The next generation will pay it by their sweat labor. This is a gross immorality when a generation demands payouts from the government when the government hasn’t any money to pay out. What it has is printed dollars. This is the immorality to increase debt you don’t intend to pay. All debt has to be paid by the citizens.

Some people have been fooled into directing anger at corporations who don’t pay taxes. Well corporations pass through whatever costs – including taxes – to the buyer of their goods. If the government forces 10 or a 100 Billion dollars of taxes on Apple or some other corporation, the government knows with a wink that that tax goes into the corporations debt column of their ledger. And that counts as costs of production to Apple. So the government that riles you up because Apple isn’t paying taxes knows full well that you YOU YOU pay the corporation’s tax with increases on the retail price.

So go ahead and complain to the corporation. Feel good that government taxes them really good. Because YOU you you will pay the “tax” when you buy your iPad and Laptop. Here’s the point. You, all citizens, and I pay the taxes. You and I get all of the benefits from the government. We demand more services from the government that costs money. We understand that the government is broke and Trillions in debt. And we know FULL WELL that the next generations, our children and grandchildren, will pay the bill when it comes due. And it will come due. Get ready.

I believe God Himself hates this immorality as much as any immorality in the world. Jesus says don’t hinder the children from coming to Him. When they are burdened by their parents and grandparents, the children will wonder where was the Christianity that would pass on their debt to their children. There is gross immorality all around.

Live according to your means. Support yourself. Don’t seek for anything from the government.

I offer this humbly. Dan M

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