WHY A PREACHER, Dan Mayfield

Like the Old Testament prophets and preachers, the closest modern equivalent to them is the preacher or evangelist. Ephesians 4 says the Evangelist is given by God for the building up of the body. Paul says that through men who are ambassadors, God is appealing for men to be saved, 2 Cor. 5. As “God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself”, so God still appeal for men to be reconciled through the Preacher of the Gospel. How shall the sinful world hear and be saved by the Gospel? Through those who have the beautiful feet and carry the Gospel to the mountaintops, Rom 10:15; cf Isa 52:7. The Preacher who speaks so that everyone feels good about where they are has not done his job. Every spiritual person understands he is not perfect and needs perfecting which can only come through the convicting power of God’s Word. The Preacher must lovingly show every Christian how to be happy for His salvation but also of the need to humbly see his faults and move to perfection. The Preacher is indispensable to God’s plan of saving the world.

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