Calvinists like John Piper and John MacArthur are always struggling to explain their position against the vast backdrop of scriptures which speak of personal sin, personal responsibility, and the need to repent before the just judgment of God comes.

The Calvinist is compelled by the weight of Bible evidence to acknowledge that God loves every sinner. Then they begin to qualify it by saying there are degrees of love. This says the love of God is seen and tasted in some ways by the non-elect sinner, but it is only a tease with no hope or promise of life in it whatsoever.

Yes, the Calvinist says that God loves them all while at the same time making no accommodation for the vast multitude of sinners to ever have the chance of salvation. And that is where Calvinism goes deep into the cesspool of false doctrine.

Not only does Calvin pervert what is sin, but it also perverts the very love of God. The unloved are those depicted by Calvinists who were born utterly depraved in a lost condition and because God made no provision for their salvation, they remain forever lost and have one end which is eternal hell. These unloved needn’t do a thing against God because the circumstances given to them have sealed their doom. This is why I recoil in disgust at Calvinism.

I have listened to many a Calvinist to recognize what they are saying. And they contradict themselves because of their human doctrine.

At one point they sound like they are speaking to the unregenerate audience of lost souls, saying, ‘You will die in your sins and go to hell unless you believe and repent.’ But then from the other side, particularly when they are in the mode of defending their Reformed Theology, they say, ‘The lost are utterly depraved and unable to do anything at all towards their salvation unless God sends upon them a special grace to regenerate them.’ They contradict themselves so that they are always speaking from both sides of their mouth.

There is no way to smooth over their contradiction. Calvinism is an untenable position to hold as it will always be contradicting Scripture. The only defense they have when this is called to their attention is to suggest that my difficulty is proof I’m still depraved and can’t possibly embrace God’s wisdom. Not so, my problem isn’t with God or His doctrine of grace, but my problem is with the unjust and carnal doctrines of John Calvin and Augustine of Hippo.

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