“What I am doing you do not understand now, but afterward you will understand.” – John 13:7

At the moment, the disciples did not understand the washing of feet. But they would understand. At the moment theirs was only to do, to permit, to accept, and to embrace. It is enough to know that Jesus accepts and embraces even when the understanding has not yet dawned. Understanding will come later.

The reminder here is not a justification for fabricated or prolonged ignorance, only that understanding isn’t always immediate. Jesus promises you will understand what He has said. It takes diligence with earnest seeking, but understanding will come. Jesus has revealed all that we need and what has not been revealed is not our concern, Deut 29:29. What He has revealed we will come to understand.

Do you wash feet? Well, if the feet are dirty, then wash feet. What Jesus did was show the place of service. Helping friends move might be a practical equivalent in our day as it can be a dirty job. Jesus was showing us the necessity of humble servanthood. That is the message of his washing feet. Jesus stooped to do the servant’s task. And if a believer stoops to do the servant’s task, he has come to understand. If you believe and obey the example of Jesus, then you have come to understand.

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