It doesn’t seem too bad if God only hardened one poor Pharaoh just to make a point. Right? It doesn’t seem so bad to Calvinist, anyway, for them to make their case that God hardened one soul to eternal damnation. But the Calvinist has a problem that Exodus also says God hardened the hardened the nation of Egypt. So, if you believe in Calvinism, you have to trudge forward and make the case that it’s right for hell to be filled with Egyptians because God had to show His power. No no, you can’t feel comfortable with explaining just one soul. Now you must explain the entire nation and how that is just.
But the truth is that Calvinism does a terrible job of explaining Romans 9-11 because whatever explanation you come up with for Pharaoh and for the Potter, you have to apply that to the point of Romans 9 which is to explain why Israel is lost. God hardened and damned these 20 centuries of Jews to show His sovereignty?! Come on Calvinists, you can do better than that. If you love Jesus, you can do better than that.

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