“and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.” – Mt 16:18
The church of Christ is made of saved people. All the members of the body are to have care for one another (1 Cor 12:25) and in God’s plan all of the members of the body are to work and accomplish God’s will (Eph 4:16).
I’m guilty of not doing my part in the body. I fall short all of the time. The body of Christ is made of individual members who are all to be working together. All the parts are important and they all have a work.
Now if we have a spiritual mindset, we want to be doing the very most for the cause of Christ. We all can’t be one of the more glamorous parts of the body, but we all are important and each has work to accomplish.
Are there unspiritual members of the body? Certainly there are! Paul shows that Corinth had its share of unspiritual members (1 Cor 3:1ff). The unspiritual people in the body are going to be real trouble. They have opinions a plenty. They know exactly what everyone is supposed to be doing. But they do not lift a finger to help in the normal functioning of the body. They are inactive but critical of what others are doing and not doing. And hypocritically, they may even blame others for why they are keeping inactive. So these inactive critics are not part of the body as they have removed themselves from it.
Jesus wants to build His body. Souls are saved and God incorporates them into the body according to what is needed for the growth of the body. When you were saved, God had a work for you. Staying inactive and barely visible to the church was not His plan. If you are a Christian, pray and seek God’s work for you in the local congregation of believers. The church will be happy to have you.

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