In the Bible, Romans 8 for example, there is the principle that you choose if you are going to live your life dwelling on things of the flesh – focusing on skin color or on lusty things, or if you are going to live your life thinking about spiritual things of the soul – focusing on high and spiritual realities of God and His beloved Son. The first is a dead end road and it brings death. The second is a victorious road that brings life.

As a Christians, since we are under grace, we are freed from the futility that the commandments alone brings, Romans 7:14-8:14. The Christian isn’t ignorant that he’s imperfect and needs saving grace; but he’s enjoying what God has allowed for the sinner to think on spiritual things, looking forward and upward, because he’s been set free from death and fear.

When I listen to this man, he sounds like a man who understands this principle. His words very well illustrate the focus and outlook of a spiritual man who isn’t thinking about his flesh and how everything is aligned against him. No, he gets up each day thinking of himself as a man, full of a soul that’s made in God’s image, who just happens to have a darker skin tone. He’s not thinking of the skin or the flesh or the other things that are external. Dwelling on these would only cripple and make him feel overwhelming futility. But instead he’s a guy who is enjoying life, he’s enjoying peace, because he’s a valuable soul, a walking and talking and doing soul, who isn’t walking in fear.
This man is making the most of the life God has given him because he’s got his mind set on things above and not on things below.
Now I would like to know if this man has washed his soul and saved himself by the grace of God by repenting and being baptized, Acts 22:16; Colossians 2:11-13.

God bless you all. Dan Mayfield

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