God made time, an evening and a morning was a day, Genesis 1
The years and seasons are governed by the passing of days down to the minutes and the seconds. You can almost hear the ticking of the clock.
You have about 26,000 days to live if you live past the age of 70. “As for the days of our life, they contain seventy years, Or if due to strength, eighty years,….” Ps 90:10. Even if you don’t live to be 70 or 80, still there’s no inequality with time, we all have the same 24 in a day.
A little boy thought he was rich after his grampa gave him a hundred pennies. He went to the dollar store and thought “I’ll never be without money again.” Penniless, He cried all the way home. Many are wasting it away, spending time like there’s no heaven, no eternity.
Time is like those pennies. There are millions of people living today as if they would never run out of time. But many will run out of time and hear Jesus say, “Depart from Me, I never knew you.” Mt 7. If you aren’t yet a Christian, “Today is the day of salvation”. 2 Cor 6:1-2. So do not harden your hearts, but repent and follow Jesus as Lord.
In heaven you won’t regret the time you took to put God first. You won’t regret that you put other things ahead of giving God your time.

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