What is God doing? Can you explain it? What is Jesus doing? Can you explain it? What about the Holy Spirit? Is the Holy Spirit doing anything? What are angels doing? Can you explain it?
When I read the Bible, I read of people who have a strong sense of the spiritual realm interracting with their lives. They are fighting a spiritual war against the devil, Eph 6:10ff; 1 Pet. 5:8,9. They are given the prospect of entertaining angels as others did. They are strengthened and comforted by the God of Comfort. They are listened to when praying and the answers come from the providence of God to give deliverance and healing, Philippians 1:19. Prayer itself is a direct interface between this world and God. And in prayer we know that Christ is still our High Priest, “always making intercession for them”, Heb. 7:25; 4:15. Before the throne of grace, we “obtain mercy and find grace to HELP in time of need.” The mercy and grace that helps in time of need is something from the throne of God. It is God’s help that is
directly related to approaching that throne in faith. And the Holy Spirit, the 3rd person of the Godhead is said in Romans 8 “also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.” Rom. 8:26.
But so much of Christianity has been rationalized and naturalized. See, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are in heaven. And because the miraculous age has ceased, then God is only working through natural means. So what you are left with is the completed Bible. If you believe what the Bible says about God and the Gospel of Jesus, then you will be blessed and saved. If you do what the Book says, then you will be blessed.
This naturalism and rationalism is behind, I think, the caving to evolution so that now we have a rational creation over millions and billions of years. This naturalism is behind the 70 A.D. doctrine that makes argues we are in the new heaven and earth.
Understand, I’m not speaking of the charismatic gifts. I’m not proposing that God speaks to us in a “small still voice”. But I must resist all attempts to make this spiritual language explainable. “Well, if the Holy Spirit indwells you, what does He do?” The answer is simple. He does what the Holy Spirit does. He intercedes for us. He seals us. He strengthens us. He pours out the love of God in our hearts. He produces His fruit in us.
The working of the Godhead is mysterious. How he hears and answers all of our prayers at once? Mysterious. How the 3 persons of the Godhead are distinct but One? Mysterious. How he works His will perfectly while never coopting a man’s free will? Mysterious. Why the devil is still able to tempt and exercise such great influence in the world? Mysterious. What the angels are specifically doing? Mysterious.
The Bible is filled with times of prophetic silence. But God was working. Books like Esther and Nehemiah show the providence of God at work in His peoples’ lives. I strongly believe this is true today. And I’m not willing to admit it is only the Father who is working. The Son and the Holy Spirit are working too. It’s their nature and they can’t change their nature as deity.
I’m convinced the Holy Spirit personally indwells me. And he works His work in me through the Word of God. He produces His fruit. He helps me in prayer. He testifies that I’m God’s child. And anyone who doesn’t have the indwelling Spirit does not have God.
Said with love.

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