BORN GAY? Dan Mayfield


In the graphic is illustrated the problem of addressing the “born gay” idea because the article in question says there’s no proof there’s a gay or lesbian gene, not born that way in other words, but then the article repeats the lie that we are born with a predisposition to sin. The Calvinist “born depraved” teaching isn’t proven any more than being born gay is proven. But Calvinism weakens a valid argument against gayness by inserting their error.

The writer of the article is correct that there’s no gay gene. That lie took hold back in Bill Clinton’s day. But when the
author says we are predisposed to be sinful, it actually gives credence to the idea that desiring homosexual desires is “natural” being born that way. We must reject the very premise. It’s hard to advance the truth when you are saying we ARE born that way and we ARE NOT born that way.

It’s wrong theology. If we believe that a man is predisposed to act and dress like a girl, then why would God call it sin? It is just as sinful to think homosexual thoughts as it is for a man to think adulterous thoughts and for a pedophile to think of having sex thoughts with a child. Thinking or desiring for sinful things is not born into a person. It’s developed into a person as much as racism or bullying or unkindness is developed into a person. You are not born to be these things and a person is not born to have sinful dispositions.

The only evidence we have is that children are shaped or allowed to be shaped by the world. Parents are to know the direction their boy or girl is to go and they have the responsibility to steer their child in the direction they should go.

Teaching this truth is getting harder and harder because normally right thinking people have accepted the false premise. This has made it easier for them to accept those who are gay. To stand against the tide of the sinful culture – which was not born that way, but developed that way – is uncomfortable and even hard.

Not only is it bad theology to say someone is born with a disposition for sin, it is bad science. As I said, there’s no proof that a person is born with a gay gene.


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