If a person divorces a spouse, unless the spouse was maritally unfaithful, the person may not remarry. To this point, Paul said to the Corinthians, he or she “must remain unmarried or be reconciled.” 1 Cor 7:10-11. To disobey this is to remove oneself from God’s grace.

This is one area that the Catholic Church is more Biblically accurate than most denominations. Here is an excerpt from an are at

““We receive it from a source who is part of the group in which Father Luis Carlos spoke after the meeting with the bishop of Pereira. Although there is still no document on the orthodox position of the bishop, Father Luis Carlos informed these people in private that the prelate recognized his mistake, accepted the arguments of the priest whom he reinstitutes into his priestly magisterium and announced that he forbids in his diocese to give communion to the divorced and remarried in civil or free unions. Also the bishop said to be obedient, first of all, to the Sacred Catholic Doctrine…” [my emphasis]”

The discussion among the Catholics is whether to allow the divorced to partake of the “eucharist” which is their name for the Lord’s Supper. The Bible says not to partake of it if you aren’t spiritually right with God. The Catholics view the eucharist as one of seven sacraments which impart a special grace in them. The blessing of grace can’t be offered to someone who is openly living in rebellion to God.

While there are many differences between Catholics and the Church of Christ, and this little article won’t take the time to correct and point out those errors, I only write this to show that some groups still teach that the marriage must be right in order to receive God’s grace.

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