This is the insanity of the world today that the transgender issue has introduced to our world. The military and the business community is being forced to give maternity leave to men and businesses are being pressured to give days off for the period of the month they have cramps! Know why? Because these men are really women and they are doing what women do. They are sleeping with a man and their body is going through the monthly cycle. It’s entirely normal for a woman to go through this, but when the woman says she has become a man, that she feels like a man, then society should NOT be forced to enter into the delusion by extending benefits that are only afforded to a woman. ************************* Dr. Susan Berry reports that, “The author of a children’s coloring book has invented a character named “Toni the Tampon” to instruct children that men can menstruate. “Cass Clemmer, the author of The Adventures of Toni the Tampon, has been using her coloring book character to ‘destigmatize’ menstruation. Now, however, she also wants to ‘de-gender’ the female biological process and to persuade children that men get periods too.”

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