When a little son says, “let’s play dolls and I want to be the mommy”, a wise dad says, “No, you are a boy and someday you are going to be a dad. Let’s play and you can be a dad.”
When a little boy says to his dad, “I want to be a princess”, a wise dad says, “Son, you are not a princess and you can never be a princess. You are the Prince and here’s your sword.”
When a little boys says, “I want to feel pretty”. The wise dad says, “You’re handsome. There’s no time in your life that you should feel ‘pretty’. You are going to be a man and men don’t make pretty. Girls are pretty. That’s how God made them. God did not make you to be a girl. He made you to be a boy and that’s what you are going to be.”
When your boy wants panties. You say no. Then you find out what person is putting this into his head.

This desire to have painted nails, makeup and panties didn’t come to him on his own. He’s imitating someone. And the imitation was encouraged.

“However, from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.'” Mark 10:6. Anything beyond male and female is utter confusion. A wise dad does not allow utter confusion to be planted in the mind of his child.

This gender bending we are seeing today is not harmless.

It is not OK to beat up on girls. The secular world has taken to allowing boys to wrestle, run, and weight lift against girls which testosterone fueled males beating up on girls. The establishment could say no, but they don’t, which unmasked is an attack on women and femininity. As I’m looking at it, it’s like saying, we can’t hit a girl, we can just beat the girl six ways to Sunday. We can beat the girl in everything she attempts to do. The boundaries of normal are being demolished. It’s an attack on normal females, and more broadly, it’s an attack on all normality. Borders are being shredded. Boundaries are demolished. It’s part of the ungodly mentality of being able to do anything I want. The devil is having a hayday.

“Train up a child in the way he should go…” Pro. 22:6

Wise parents understand it is their job to raise up children a certain way. Children are shaped into what they ought to be. Children are only as confused as their parents. Parents, if they were twisted, could foolishly make their children to think they are a dog or a monkey. It wouldn’t make it so no matter how completely the child accepted it.

People protests though, and they insist it’s already in them and that the boy who wants to be a girl can’t be altered. That’s wrong. Children are clay and the dads and moms are to raise up the children in the way they should go so that when they are old, they won’t depart from it.

When the baby is born and the doctor says, “It’s a boy”, that’s the time to put blue on the boy. Talk to him like a baby boy. If someone says, “What a pretty girl.” Say, “He’s a handsome boy.” A wise dad instructs the wife and the daughters that he’s not to play “dressup”, as children love to do, unless he’s the one wearing the suit and wingtip shoes.
Dad’s are the key. Be a dad. Raise your boy to be a boy. It’s not OK to do anything less. The child is learning to imitate. His future is in your hands.


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