When John was baptizing in the river Jordan and Aenon near Salim, the truly repentant were immersed to wash their sins away. Everyone was coming to receive this blessing. Jesus also obeyed the command “to fulfill all righteousness” even though He had no sin. If a man who had no sin needed to be baptized, how much more a sinner!
When God has commanded for adult sinners to be baptized, but they don’t because they were sprinkled as an infant, they have not yet obeyed Jesus Christ.
“29When all the people and the tax collectors heard this, they acknowledged God’s justice, having been baptized with the baptism of John. 30But the Pharisees and the lawyers rejected God’s purpose for

themselves, not having been baptized by John.” Lk 7

Jesus commanded that every disciple be immersed in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for the forgiveness of his or her sins.
Consider the words of Ananias to Saul and follow the same direction.
“And now why do you delay? Arise, and be baptized and wash away they sins, calling on His name”, Acts 22:16.

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