Some mistakenly suggest that we should be less divisive with our brethren who disagree with us on Doctrine. When it comes to matters of Salvation and true and Spirit Worship (John 4:22-24), it cannot and must not be ignored.
Sometimes these people mistakenly use the parable of the wheat and tares to promote the idea of Tolerance in the church. That parable by Jesus says to leave the tares, fake Christians, alone or else you will harm the wheat. But tares hanging out in the church must be dealt with and removed. To say we

leave these tares alone is wrongheaded and it must be answered with scripture.

When the counterfeit wheat (which are “tares”) are in the church it is like hidden reefs (Jude 1:12) at our love feast and sinful yeast in the lump of dough (1Cor. 5). When tares are in the church they are divisive and must be confronted and removed if there’s no repentance. Leaving these counterfeits alone in the church would hurt the church, the true wheat.

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