What an evil thing Herod Did to kill John the Baptist. What a gutless thing pilot did to wash his hands of the evil of crucifying Jesus. What an arrogant thing Herod did to take glory to himself that only belongs to God almighty. What an evil thing Nero did to burn down Rome and put the blame on Christians. How evil could Domentian be to exalt himself to the place of God and force good people to bow to his image. I can guarantee you that Christians were not silent about this evil in the high places of power.
Was listening to something David Kupelian said about the “separation of church and state.” It goes to something I have believed that this doctrine has been bought into to the point that preachers feel they have nothing to say to, and no biblical right to, speak to immorality in the public or government sector. No! Speak to evil everywhere.
If you think Paul and Peter didn’t tell Christians that the government was doing evil as it persecuted good people, you don’t know human nature and interaction.

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