WHY THE CHURCH? Dan Mayfield 

1. It is anti, non, and undenominational. Matthew 16:16ff. Denominationalism was unheard of in the Bible, being divisive by their very nature.
2. It dates to the first century unlike every other group. 1 Cor. 1:10ff. Most ancient writers acknowledged that the church of Christ is the only proper name since He purchased it by His blood. There’s no place for calling oneself after Calvin, Luther, Wesley, John the Baptist, Anglican, Episcopalian, or anything else.
3. Bible only is consulted. There’s no creed, no manual of faith, no catechisms. It seeks to speak where the Bible speaks and keep silent where God is silent. 1 Cor. 4:6;
4. Baptism is practiced as originally done in the New Testament: adults, not children; immersion, not sprinkling or pouring; for sins to be washed away. e.g. Acts 22:16.
5. Worship is in spirit and truth, John 4:23,24. Adding anything to what God has prescribed would make the worship vain, Mt 15:7-9. The entertainment driven “worship” seen in many churches today is sensual and has no place in the Lord’s church.
6. The congregations are autonomous and no headquarters is established except with Christ in heaven. Elders are the authorized leaders in the local church, Titus 1:5ff.
7. Marriage is for life and divorcing without cause makes the marriage bond unbroken. Remarriage is a sin in such cases, Mt 19:9-13.
8. Men are the public leaders in the church. Women are spiritual and have their important role. But preaching and shepherding is strictly allowed for men, 1 Tim 2:8ff.

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