TRIBUTE TO MY WIFE, by Dan Mayfield

Everywhere I look in my home is proof that a woman is working hard. Plants are growing. Everything is clean and in place. Good food is made and in the fridge or on the stove. The woman is a marvel of God. She gives and gives. You can’t outgive her. She is a walking and talking blessing. From her body came my five children. God made her to make life and she gladly did. Through so much pain and trouble she did it well. With the fifth child, all of her hair fell out. And despite the negative prognosis from the dermatologist, God gave her back her hair. Her words are always thoughtful, encouraging, and valued by all who know her. She is filled with life and she shares her life with children, friends, the church. Children especially love her. If your are sick, she will be the nurse. Hungry and she will feed you. Lonely and she will listen. If you are having trouble, rest assured she’s bringing it to God. If you are blessed, she will rejoice. I have been with this woman for 37 years and I am still amazed. See the little puppy in the picture. Hazel is the dog’s best friend. The dog always has water and food and checkups and grooming. She’s also my best friend, before the dog. Hazel is a life giver. She is a life saver. Wherever she is, she brings life. She is the daughter of Jesus. I’m a hundred percent certain in saying that when God looks down on Hazel, He smiles.

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