When they want to ban the song, “Baby it’s cold outside” because they say it’s promoting rape, but then they say NOTHING about rap songs that are a culture of sexualizing women and killing, you know that they are not moral. I could have a decent discussion on the problems in any song, but there has to be consistency and honesty from the other side. The “rape” portrayed in “Baby it’s cold outside” is speculative, but it is not speculative in many of the rap songs. The violence is explicit in many rap songs. But those genres persists with a lot of rationalizing. 

When they rail about holiday songs and holiday shows like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, the issue seems to be more about hatred of religion and God and faith. They hate this season of Jingle Bells and Christ in the manger. Rudolph is helping Santa to promote Christmas and that has to be stopped, or so it would seem.  But the other side is not trying to advance morality. 

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