THE RISE OF SATANISM – filling the void.

The Baphomet figure is the symbol for satanism. See how the Satanists tried to have a statue of the Baphomet erected in Oklahoma. The image changes some, but notice in the image below that the goat is male and female, a transgender god which is probably appealing to many in our world who like to confuse nature.

Baphomet in OKC

The statue in Oklahoma had the pentagram and a couple of children looking up to the Baphomet – the devil. The head of the satanist temple in Oklahoma said of the image, “The entire point of our effort was to offer a monument that would complement and contrast the Ten Commandments.” Complement and Contrast? First, to say it would “complement” the 10 commandments is bologna and nothing but sophist, wizardry speech. But the satanist named “Lucien” (sounds close to Lucifer) spills the beans saying the statue is to “contrast” the 10 commandments. The devil is always trying to mimic God. He plants tares that look like the good plant, but it has nothing good in fruit. The devil takes God’s words and might say it is complimentary, but it’s a lie, because he’s the father of lies. It’s why Anton LaVey called it the Satanic Bible and the Church of Satan. Baphomet says “Do what thou wilt” instead of do God’s will. Imitation here is not about flattery; it’s about deceit and confusion and lying. The devil always lies and his followers are to never be trusted. The devil mimics and the devil contradicts. The liar at the Satanist Temple says Bophamet is about complementing and contradicting. Right, but more accurately, it’s about mimicking and contradicting.

“The rise of Satanism in America: How members of The Satanic Temple focus on activism, religious pluralism and social diversity but surprisingly NOT devil worship – as leaders are plagued by death threats and infighting.”1 – The Daily Mail, 1/21/2019

When people turn away from truth, it means turning to something else that is less than truth. Always. The Satanists like Lucien lie about their aim. They say it is not about devil worship, but it is! They cry “hail Satan”. They always lie. They say it isn’t about worshiping the devil because they know their audience would be turned off at the word. So they just deny it is worship all while calling for the followers to give their everything to satan. Jesus said you will worship the one you serve. When you turn from worshiping the true God, Paul points out that you begin to worship the creation or something else. If you turn from light, you turn to less than light, to darkness. Always. And when the society raises a few generations to believe there is no God and no moral standards, that society necessarily turns to evil. And they will worship that evil. They will give their souls to that evil. The void of good creates the vacuum where something less than good comes in. This is why Satanism is on the rise.

The only hope is the light of truth. Keep preaching the truth. Jesus is the light of the world and is the only one who can expose the lies of the Baphomet devil. 

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