Dog People: Lesson on Etiquette. LIKE AND SHARE

Tonight a woman I know was knocked down by a neighbor’s dog. The woman who owns the dog felt terrible and apologized, but it wouldn’t happen if the woman had control of her animal. Thankfully everyone is fine.

People, I’m a people person. I’m not a dog person. The dog does not define me. The other day a woman was walking her dog and she was allowing the leash out enough so it could sniff us as it got close enough. To me, that was the time for her to shorten the leash and keep the dog out of my space. I have my space. I respect your space. I don’t feel my dog should be allowed to come up and jump on you and sniff you up. But this woman smiled and said, “she’s a greeter.” Well, what if I don’t want your dogs greeting? I’m a friendly person which means I greet people. I rarely greet dogs. I don’t all them how their day went and I don’t wave at them when I see them on the street. So please, just shorten your dogs leash and do not invade my space unless I give you permission to. This is a genuine problem. Don’t get me wrong. If you love your dog and really dig being close to your dog, I’m cool with that. Just don’t tell me your dog is a greeter and then allow the dog to jump on me. I think dog people need this etiquette lesson.

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