It was I who taught Ephraimc to walk, taking them in My arms, but they never realized that it was I who healed them.” Hos 11:3

The nation is Israel was doing what the wife of Hosea did, gave credit to their false gods for their blessings. Of Gomer it says, “For she thought, ‘I will go after my lovers, who give me bread and water, wool and linen, oil and drink.’ Hos 2:5.

She who was provided for by her husband have credit to her adulterous lovers for her blessings. She was a living example of what Israel was doing crediting the false gods for what it had.

Morning sun, 6/14/20

How many blessings have we neglected to thanks God for? Our daily bread, sunshine and rain, healing, peace, and more often are received but God is given no credit. This is the worst kind of unfaithfulness.

The warning sun. The fresh air. The singing birds. The night of rest. The thinking brain. The able fingers. The loving family. The purpose of life. The watchful eye of God is upon us all and we should give Him thanks today for it all.

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