“The wicked will return to Sheol— all the nations who forget God.” Psalm 9:17

You hear people proclaim that this is not a Christian Nation. When the Bible says that God is opposed to the Nations who forget him, God does not ignore the nations of the world when they are evil. This United states, like every other nation of the world, can and will suffer the judgment, the wrath, of God. This nation in which we live is now fully run by people who despise Almighty god. The government openly supports evil. The government is silencing all decent speech. The media and all of the entertainment industry, Plus nearly all of academia, is controlled by these people who despise God therefore there is no other conclusion but that God is going to bring his wrath on this Nation. I say this to all of you who still have a semblance of the spirit of God and have a tender heart to do his will so that you will draw near and be preserved by God when he brings his wrath on this country and upon this world.

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