A period of silence is a time of contemplation.

1When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. – Rev 8:1

Silence in heaven for about 30 minutes must have been stirring. It is an intentional pause and for what? Following the 30 minutes of silence in heaven, trumpets were blown and the trumpets were pronouncements from heaven to the ungodly world and comfort for God’s children. The world was evil – as it is now – and the children of God were under persecution. Reference the tribulation just mentioned in the previous chapter which many saints were martyred through.

Think about today that the tyrants in power are no better than the tyrants of Rome. They will abuse their power to enrich themselves. They will exempt themselves from the laws they foist upon the citizenry. They will silence your voice in media, or hold you in jail indefinitely, or they will destroy your livelihood, and they will destroy the innocence of your children in the name of education with talk of disgusting sexual things.

A tax is another way of punishing. A mandate is a way of punishing – conform of lose your job. A regulation passed on to business is an onerous burden that the business passes the costs on to the purchaser – it’s a cowardly tax. They say, “it’s about time the big guys start paying their fair share! They know the costs of it will be added to the food bill, the gas bill, the clothing bill, the utility bill. Government has gotten too big so that every time they do something, it negatively affects the regular people.

What is God contemplating right now? Pray for God to remember His people when he starts unleashing the bowls wrath upon this evil world.

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