The Romans 9:20 passage “Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, ‘Why did you make me like this?”

This passage is presented by Calvinists as the perfect answer to those who say Calvinistic doctrine is patently unfair. They say, “Yeh, it seems unfair that God elected exactly who would be saved and who would not be saved; so yeh, it’s seems unfair, and who are you to question God?” The Calvinists have accepted a perverse distortion of the Gospel because they have codified injustice and called it just.

The problem the Calvinsists have is they do not understand the scriptures to their own destruction. The context of Romans chaps 9-11 is that God saves everyone who believes through the Gospel, and God does not save Jews who wanted to cling to a Law that was never intended to justify. The context is answering those Law Clingers who were saying it was unfair to be excluded while Gentile believers were included. It’s unfair!, they say. And so Paul says to them, “you are the clay and you have no right to be telling the Potter how to enact the plan of redemption.

Calvinism is from start to finish, an evil doctrine. John Calvin was a deluded individual. Any hint of a suggestion that an infant is depraved is Calvinism. Any hint of a suggestion that a Christian cannot fall away from his salvation is Calvinism. Ask questions if you wish to know more.

It’s ironic that the Calvinists establish their doctrine on what Romans 9-11 says. As challenging as Romans is, no interpretation can be right that perverts the justice and grace of God. Some foundational principles that cannot be violated is that God is always Just. And that God loves the world. That God offers salvation to all people. That sin nor the consequence is passed on to the next generation(s). That man has free will and that God leaves salvation for sinner sto choose by faith and love. When Calvinist settle on an interpretation that violates all of these, they don’t budge. But they stiffen up and say, “yeh, it doesn’t seem fair to your human mind, but who are you to challenge God?” – Chas

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