Remember the saying, ‘if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…’? These are Deacons who are ‘serving’ at the tables to provide for the widows. Notice the Apostles tell the congregation there are qualifications to be among the chosen. They have to be a certain type of Christian, at a certain spiritually mature level: specifically, of “Good reputation” and “full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom”. These are not negotiable. Just anyone cannot be selected with hopes the person grows into the job. If a man is put in a position whether it be Deacon or Elder or Preacher, he must already be spiritual, dedicated to the Word, a servant, and full of the Holy Spirit. Do not appoint someone in the hope he grows to be these things. We in the church follow the pattern given in the Holy Scriptures.

If we are growing into the image of Christ, we will be in the Word of God, and we will be spiritual. This will provide a healthy crop of Christians who are prepared for the time the church needs leaders. The point here is not to say there’s no growth once one is in the office of Deacon or Elder, but it’s a valid point that to be appointed one must already meet the qualifications.

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