What is a climate denier? Well, it’s a person who doesn’t believe the made up narrative that human beings are destroying the planets climate. It’s a made-up term like conspiracy theory. It works on a lot of people who are afraid of being cast negatively and not going with the approved narrative. I am probably a climate denier, except I’m not. I believe there’s always been climate and I don’t deny it.

Now recently I have learned that nefarious characters have been seeding the clouds with aluminum, see Bill Gates on this, and with sulfur to change the climate they do it to shield the sun. They do it to cause rain or to change the weather. Since this is a long talked about plan of seeding the clouds – 1950s movies were talking about this – you have to ask if there is any troubling changes in the climate, did they do it? Are they making stronger storms that encompass the entire United States So that in Wyoming the temperature drop 40° and 30 minutes? I don’t know. I don’t deny that these godless people would intentionally create bad weather so they could turn around and use bad weather as a reason to control our energy usage.

The Bible talks about how people depart from God and become arrogant. They become fools and go destructive ways. We do not lose heart even if the days seem dark. Yet we know in the end God will win and so will those who do not follow the world. See Romans 1.

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