Sharyl Attkisson tweeted, “A friend from Jamaica once told me the problem w/ US is that we’ve removed stigma (or tried) from all undesirable behavior. She said stigma serves an important societal role and if you lose it, you encourage undesirable behavior, and society cannot function.”

I have heard the experts say not to ‘shame’ people that it only hurts the person’s self esteem. That’s bologna. A person ought to feel bad for doing bad. It means you know you have disgraced yourself. If you stole from someone, you ought to feel ashamed. If you have hurt a child, you ought to feel shame.

The Bible calls for repentance and something called “godly sorrow”. Until you have that certain feeling of shame for being disobedient to God, you can’t truly repent and return to God.

Folks, don’t listen to the intellectuals who don’t believe in God and don’t think anything is sin.

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