“You thought that I was just like you” – Psalm 50:21

Some things are equal: equal in value or price. We “compare apples to apples”. We know “all men are created equal” by God. Knowing when things are equal keeps us rooted and grounded in reality. But there is also a tendency in man to elevate himself and his things, while he devalues whatever threatens to expose the truth.

Asaph, the author of the fiftieth Psalm wrote of how true worship and reliance on God had become faithless and superficial. Instead of bringing sacrifies from the heart, their offerings to God were more akin to a payoff or a matter of duty. Israel offered heartless and inferior worship to God. This false worship and lifestyle could only be sustained if they also demoted the idea of God. If God was “just like” them, they could decide what was acceptable as worship. Because they were led by their sinful impulses, they could not be content unless they also diminished the glory of God. Allowing any incongruity between themselves and God was too much to risk. Thus they fooled themselves and made God out to be just like them.

There are two ways to approach God. Either we strive to be holy as God is holy, or we must bring God down to our level and humanize Him. If any man is unwilling to conform to godliness, then he will create God in his own image. He will dethrone and de-god God. It sounds silly, but it makes the carnal man feel better.

An honest man acknowledges and rejoices in having a God who is worthy of praise. Because a righteous man revels in the glory of His God, he is compelled to bring sacrifices of praise, of obedience, and petitions before His throne. Our God is not like us, but we should strive to be like Him. True worship reveals that we understand.

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