According to UnChristian, a book written by Barna Group president David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons, the major objection of young people to Christianity is the stand against homosexuality.

Consider the following quotes in a review by Regis Nicoll:

“Among young outsiders, the most prevalent attitudes are that Christianity is anti-homosexual, judgmental, and hypocritical. The vast majority, between 85 and 91%, hold those views. Over two-thirds feel that Christians are insensitive to others, too political, and unaccepting of other faiths….In survey after survey, Kinnaman found that the homosexuality issue, more than any other has shaped public perceptions about Christians. “Hostility toward gays–not just opposition to homosexual politics and behaviors but disdain for gay individuals–has become virtually synonymous with the Christian faith,” Kinnaman writes.”1

This information is alarming yet it is not unexpected given the degrading of morals in America. The question is will church leaders feel the pressure to accept? Will churches determine that this issue is better left to God to sort out? There is after all the move to criminalize anti-homosexual preaching and teaching as hate speech. It’s coming. So what will churches do to save their sons and daughters? The message for some is going to be that very thing. Only if we become more accepting of homosexual relationships can we hope to attract our own children.

Lord, Come quickly!
1. Article here

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