As a nursing mother tenderly cares for her children.” – 1 Thess. 2:7

Every child starts his or her life in the womb. Every child has a mother. Every child ought to have parents who cherish its life, who tenderly care for it.

According to the UK Sun, an Indian couple told doctors they do not want their newly born invitro fertilized twin girls and asked how long before the wife could try again for a boy. It’s ghastly for sure, but would it be less so if they had had an ultrasound and an abortion? To some feminist and abortionists, such an abortion is wrong because it is discriminatory and sexist. more…

To those who are keen on terminating the life of the unborn, all of this indignation and shock would have been avoided by simply aborting the girls. In my view, the Indian parents are more humane than the doctors who perform over a million abortions a year in the United States.

Ungodly people have different values. They are for aborting in the name of population control, but they are against aborting that terminates females or a supposed homosexual child. The first is good, the second is bad. So-called “designer babies” had better not be about male gender selection and heterosexual children or the abortionists would be up in arms. You see, abortions motivated by sexism or bigotry are bad. But if abortions are for something noble, say like saving the planet or making my life more convenient, they are good. Such are the values of a world that has forsaken God.

Some animals eat their young. Some humans are equally inhumane with their young. This is all very sad to us Christians. Aborting children is immoral as both girls and boys are equally precious to them. But not so to many who because of ungodly societal pressures, opt for killing them. Take China, for example:

“You still can’t talk openly in China about why so many girls like Wen Wen are abandoned and put up for adoption. It remains a sensitive topic, but everyone knows it is connected to the one-child policy put in place nearly 25 years ago. The subject may finally be coming out of the closet.1

Do you know why it isn’t talked about? Because in China, talking freely will get you arrested and put away (If I lived in China, writing what I just wrote would be a crime). And do you know why girls populate the orphanages? Because they aren’t as valuable as a boy. If the parents could have two children, then girls would be wanted. But China’s stupid and immoral “one child” policy is putting a terrible constraint of families. But that is not the whole story. In China, the girls that live in the orphanages are better off than the baby girls who are literally abandoned to die in the elements.

Chinese girls have borne the brunt of the one-child edict, a coercive effort to limit China’s population to 1.2 billion by 2000. The target was missed but the policy caused a sharp drop in the number of births and a huge shortfall of girls.2

The shortage of girls is not part of natural biological and random selection. The shortfall has to do with girls being killed.

Nonetheless, in September 1997, the World Health Organization’s Regional Committee for the Western Pacific issued a report claiming that “more than 50 million women were estimated to be ‘missing’ in China because of the institutionalized killing and neglect of girls due to Beijing’s population control program that limits parents to one child.” (See Joseph Farah, “Cover-up of China’s gender-cide”3

In China, the more fortunate girls are left at the orphanage. The twins in England, though rejected by their parents, have not suffered the fate of infanticide (homicide of infants).

With so much justification of choosing which children should live and which ones should die, it is not the least bit surprising to hear that twin daughters are left unwanted in favor of trying again for a boy. This is the unnatural and unholy consequence of the devaluation of life. Whether the female child is aborted after the fatal ultra-sound or it is killed after being born, such things can be blamed on the ungodly social engineers who have justified the taking of innocent life.

Only godless and pagan societies would foster and tolerate such inhumanity. If you want to find a society where boys AND girls are cherished and provided for equally, look for the place with a heavy influence of Jesus Christ and His Word.

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3. Infanticide

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