When did Paul write the epistle and from where?
It’s one of the “prison epistles”, probably written during house arrest recorded in Acts 28 (Read Phil. 1:7,13,16,19,24). The Philippian church was established by Paul somewhere around 50 a.d. on his second missionary journey (Acts 16). And the date of imprisonment and writing would be 59-61 a.d.

What were the problems, real or potential, that Paul addressed in the epistle to the Philippians?
See the following and determine who these groups are? Do these verses all refer to the same group or different groups: 1:15-17; 1:27-28; 3:2; and 3:18-19? Are they Christian are pagan? Are they Jewish or Gentile? The 3:18-19 sounds more like legalistic Jews or carnal Gentiles?

Along with addressing the error,

What are the main points addressed in the epistle?
From chapter 1, _________. What had the Philippians done for Paul? What does Paul refer to at the beginning and end of the epistle? KOINONIA is the key word.

From chapter 2, ___________. Who is the example? How is the Gospel of Christ presented? Attitude is actually a major focus in Philippians 1 – Paul’s despite his opponents. Chapter 2, for the sake of unity and being like Christ. Chapter 3, about things the world thinks are important. Chapter 4, by focusing on our blessings and not the negatives.

From chapter 3, _________. Our citizenship is beyond this world.

From chapter 4, _______ ________ and trust in God. Where do we focus our minds?

What fundamental Christian doctrines are introduced or supported in the epistle to the Philippians?

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