Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people.” – Pro. 14:34

Can God continue to bless the nation that is sliding away from Him? There is a correlation between following God and being being blessed. A nation that rejects God will plunge itself into everything godless and will disgrace itself.

To some, God is just the big, bad thing that keeps them from having fun. They run from the idea of God. They believe that having less God will increase opportunity for fun and freedom. But they don’t understand God is much more than just some kind of restrictive “party pooper”. He is the Creator who blesses us by bringing essential order to the universe AND to our lives. I believe what the Bible says that, “God exists and that He is a rewarder of those that seek Him” (Heb. 11). Part of the reward for seeking God is eternal life in heaven (Heb. 11:16). He has blessed us all and rewards those that seek Him. Those who run away from God bring ruin into their life. And part of the reward is enjoyed in this life. This happens when a person, believing in God, orders his life according to the Word (i.e. will, law) of God. A society that acknowledges the laws of God will prosper. We must communicate to people that God is not just the guy that gets in their way of having fun. Thos who are rejecting God cannot prosper that sows unrighteousness.

“Take away the Bible as the governor of the thoughts and intents of men’s and women’s hearts, and you have paved the way for societal acceptance of every abomination, perversion, and evil way that mankind’s imagination can devise.”1

The society that rejects God will follow something inferior. When they reject God, by default they accept a less than just god. Naturalism is a religion in itself. By rejecting the supernatural, they accept a less plausible theory for how we all came into being through naturalistic means. They believe it all happened with the only ingredients being 1] an unlimited number of chance events, and 2] an unlimited amount of time. And beyond these godless “forces”, these purely mechanical ones that mysteriously allowed life to begin, there was also the law of “tooth and claw”. Rejecting the Creator, they subscribed to Darwin’s survival of the fittest that supposedly allowed one organism to develop ahead of another with the weak dying and the strong surviving. Even if it can’t be proven, they believe that life began, flourished, and became highly complex without God.

An explanation for the creation without God also has no right or wrong. The non-believing Darwinist believe that order came from disorder all without the help of God. This naturalistic explanation for the creation says it all happened way before there were ethics and morals. This godless creation all happened way before there were any laws against lying, getting drunk, stealing, or fornicating. This godless scenario is in fact a religion in itself. There is too much mystery involved in Darwinian evolution, too much faith in the power of chance and time, and too much homage given to animal instinct, to accept it as science. Those who accept evolution have accepted a less just god. Without God, they decide what is right and wrong. They redefine the abnormal to be normal even in the face of their beloved nature.

Jesus said He built it and the gates of hades would not prevail against it. In a world of change and uncertainty, the church of Christ endures. The church, the righteous people of God, are the light of the nation. In the church you find people have aligned with other people who have aligned themselves with the Word of God. And these people are out there, in the world; they are working, playing, and doing other normal life activities. These people are a blessing to a nation. But while the church exerts a positive influence on the world, the unbelieving world retaliates with hostility. They hate the church that has not subscribed to its “anything goes” and “if it feels good, do it” philosophy. People have to understand that the church stands in stark contrast to the world. The church is the light of truth that exposes unrighteousness and calls it sin. Non-believers react to this moral authority of the church with contempt because they know it is the visible representation of the One who keeps them from having fun. But unlike the church, their way will not endure. And any nation that goes their way will not endure.

For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish.” – Psalm 1:6

To the godless, Darwinist world, rules are man-made constructs unrelated to what is real. In their view, the world and all lifeforms came about accidentally, without any rules; without right and wrong. They believe that on the micro level, the “community” of organisms sprung to life and survived with no law but survial of the fittest. There was no “meaning” to the life then and so there IS no “meaning” to life now. Die-hard Darwinists state this very thing. Dawkins said he believes on an academic level that life is “cold and empty and pointless”2, even if he does not live his life that way. This godless faith is behind the moral relativism that plagues our society today. These people believe that there is no right and wrong, as long as you don’t get caught. And their influence is beginning to show in our nation. As they write off rules of right and wrong as being archaic, “Victorian”, religious constructs, they do harm to the nation.

The truth is, society on the micro or macro level does not assemble itself. A nation needs to adhere to godly principles if it is to reap blessings. The Creator who ordered life is a moral and just God. And if a nation rejects Him, it rejects His law and spirals downward to ruin.

Christians must not be silent. Those who believe in God must pray, live in faith, and share it with others while there is time.
1. Think Magazine, October 2008, p.4
2. Dawkins, Richard Dawkins: The Man who knows the meaning of life.

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