We recently heard in an adult Bible class a debate between a Christian and an Atheist. The Atheist said there was no objective moral truth in the world. All that mattered was the motive and overall good that was achieved. The Atheist said that even rape of women was acceptable if it acheived a greater good, if doing so saved many people. I wonder what the Atheist would say to the Judges comments in the recent Madoff case, after he stole billions of dollars from investors?

“Mr Madoff’s attorney Ira Sorkin had asked for a 12 year sentence and the probation service had recommended 50 years. But Judge Denny Chin opted for the statutory maximum for the 11 charges to which Mr Madoff pleaded guilty. Noting that he had not received a single letter in support of Mr Madoff, Judge Chin said: “Mr Madoff’s crimes were extraordinarily evil … Not merely a bloodless financial crime … [but] one that takes a staggering human toll.” I wonder if he would say that was an objective moreal wrong? (“Madoff sentenced to 150 years in prison”. Financial Times of London. Accessed on June 30, 2009. Accessed HERE.

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  1. So I'm pondering this…trying see it from the atheist's perspective since you wondered if he would see it as an objective moral wrong.

    I suppose the atheist might say that it was not an objective moral wrong, but a subjective moral wrong agreed upon by many people and judged (subjectively) to be wrong by a person who was put in place by the people to judge (subjectively) on their behalf.

    I also wonder then who judges whether an action really doesn't serve the greater good? Or how do we really know if, using your example (and in some convoluted hypothetical scenario), the rape of women really does serve the greater good more than if the rape were not allowed to happen? A, sort of, butterfly theory I guess. The scenario purports that in certain hypothetical the rape of women serves the greater good. But if the rape were not allowed perhaps in the immediate there would be some sort of great calamity, and in the future some great change or good might come from making the tough choice.


  2. The people of Germany who stood by and watched their government exterminate millions were objectively wrong. They were really selfishly protecting their own interests. Their greed and hatred were fed to accomplish the governments desires for power.

    It's impossible to build a society on shifting subjective morals. The justified rapists today would be incarcerated in a generation. It's always wrong in any generation to steal billions from others. And the atheist is a fool who can't see that there is objective moral truths.

    It's funny how atheist in the broad sense declare there is no objective evil. But when they are on the spot over specific issues, then they are forced to concede. They must feel so dirty and cheap for being made to compromise their true beliefs. Bless you, Jason.

    p.s. did a scaled down “eva” today. Watch Daniel do the full version and Wow!


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